Updates and information from Robosane

You may have noticed our website has changed!

Of course, there are reasons behind this! (Who would’ve guessed?)

First is that we are disconnecting our server hosting management from this site. This site will only be for news, information, and community postings.

As we continue to develop our server administration dashboard we’ve decided that Joomla is not an ideal authentication method, and since there’s not much benefit to maintaining a dynamic CMS for a website which we don’t even update that often we’re just replacing the whole site.

Hi all,

I am voluntarily de ranking to moderator because I don’t have the time/desire to fufill administrative duties.

If you have any issues with someone else, or you have dev related stuff for me to pass on to our humble administrator, let me know!

We have a new physical server operating!

This server has plenty of resources available (specs below) so we can run just about all the servers we want!

After a few weeks of sourcing parts, build, and some troubleshooting, it's safe to say the hardware is in a stable and reliable state, which means we've already begun to load game servers onto it.

We'll be spinning up new versions of the servers/games:

  • TF2: TF2ware! Grab some friends and compete to earn the most points in this multiple minigame gamemode!
  • Gmod: We're still developing this one, but currently we're looking at TTT and potentially Solsane's DarkRP.
  • Factorio: Right now in private mode, find the team on TeamSpeak or Steam to get engineering with us!
  • Terraria: If we see interest in getting a new Terraria server going, we can do that. We've run a few private worlds, but we don't have the staff to bring a server to be public-facing, read more below.
  • Minecraft: We haven't been keeping up with Minecraft lately since the Microsoft 'takeover' has negatively influenced the playerbase, get in contact if you're still interested.

We've been quiet on the website for quite some time, but we haven't been idle or dying.

Over a few months, we've made significant progress on our goal of cloud server hosting. If you check the news here often (however unlikely that may be) you probably noticed the performance improvement for the website, and potentially the TeamSpeak server. This is because they have been moved to a cloud instance, (which is primarily better just because it's not in my house) where it has much better connection, disk speed (all SSD), and better processors.

The website and TeamSpeak aren't the only things moving to the cloud. Our Gmod DarkRP server is successfully running on one of our gameserver hosting instances, and you can join the server at!

Read on to see the progress that we've made in bringing server hosting to you!