Updates and information from Robosane

During planned downtime starting on Nov. 5, we encountered a few hardware issues with our primary community server. (All hosted and rented servers along with voice and web communications are normal.) Through the week until Nov. 12 we were busy fixing the community server, however it is still not yet in an 'ideal' state.

Until further notice, most of our community servers will be offline, including Minecraft, Terraria, Factorio, and Tekkit Lite. These are our more intensive or difficult to maintain servers, which is why they have been running on personal hardware instead of VPS systems like our other servers. TF2 and DarkRP are both VPS hosted and will continue to operate.

Although the server is in a functioning state, it is degraded in various aspects. (Most due to old-age, since this was a used server we bought in 2014.) Since it's degraded, we don't want to run the risk of crashing the server entirely, as we don't have funds set aside to purchase a new system for these resource-intensive servers.

Robosane is proud to announce the start of UGC Highlander Season 17 with our first victory!

On Monday, September 28th, the Robosane UGC Team had their first match of the Season, and we were ready. We won the first half 4-0 then stopped the enemies from capping any points in the second half. Well done Team!

Interested in getting involved in competitive TF2? Add me on Steam!

Read on for more details about the match!

Hey guys! I just wanted to give an update about an exciting change to Robosane, that has a lot to do with me(!!!Solsane!!!). Contrary to the title (the title was an eye-catching lie), Robosane is still without a doubt owned by me and robobenklein. But here's the exciting part(especially for me): After many hours of long-needed orientation from Ben, I am now capable of SSHing into our server. 

What does that mean for you, the loyal Robosane user, you might ask? Well, let's say it like this. Remember when you needed my help for something, and I responded something along the lines of "I'll message Ben, he'll take care of it when he gets home." More than likely, you encountered some sort of issue that even my admin rights on the server could not solve. But now, I AM THE SERVER. No longer is that privilege reserved for Ben, I mean I am an owner too, right?

As a minor disclaimer, I should mention that Ben still has a better idea of what he's doing than me. But not for long! Please don't be afraid to come to me for help, whatever it may be, because I can make it happen. As an additional note, with this new power I will be transforming the Robosane Garry's Mod server into something completely different. Say goodbye to sandbox, and hello to our upcoming DarkRP server. More on that later.

NOTICE: Minecraft Server Hub design submissions due before May 30th!

Hey, it's been awhile hasn't it? Well a lot has happened, and a lot hasn't happened that probably needs to...

Anyways, here's what HAS happened!

Our TF2 server has risen among the ranks! It's popularity is growing, and Mr.Dolphin is our first moderator for the server! We're open to applications for all servers in the Forums Section.

If you see Solsane or I playing TF2 on the server, you'll definitely want to join. Last night was crazy to say the least with Tanks and Grappling hooks on Hightower. Even if we're not on, be sure to look for surprises!